How To Fix When An Phone drops in Water

Almost all the people these days have the latest Android Smartphones with them so that they can enjoy a different kind of amazing apps on these devices, so staying connected with their friends and families and getting entertained as well. This is the reason why Android Smartphones has become a choice of so many people all over the world. However, different kind of problems can also occur like losing the phone, dropping it anywhere, etc.  In this new tutorial, you will learn how To Fix When Phone drops in Water

Sometimes, the Android phone can also be dropped in the water as well and can be damaged as well, but there are so many ways to fix the Android phones as well. People who are not aware of how to fix when an Android phone drops in water can follow the following steps for fixing their phones:

Take the phone out of water:

First of all, when the phone fell in water, the users need to take their phones out of the water as quickly as possible if the users have not done that already.

Don’t press any button:

After that the users should resist the urge to see whether the phone is still working or not, but:

  • The device should not be turned on.
  • It shouldn’t be navigated.
  • Any of the keys should not be pressed.
  • Don’t even use the phone.

Remove the battery from the phone:

If it is easy, then the battery must be removed from the phone that was accidentally dropped in water and also cut all of the power to the device to decrease the chance of a short.

Remove the phone from the case:

If the phone is always kept in the protective case, then the outer case must be dried from the outside with ease and then remove the cover. Also try not to rock the phone that much to help to prevent water from running into any of the ports, plugs, cracks, holes and such other places of the phone.

Take off all the removable parts:

If the water damaged phone has any of the SIM card or the memory card, then they should be removed out as soon as possible and set them somewhere aside as well so that they can also get dry. However, the SIMs is replaceable and most of the memory cards are waterproof, so this is not that big issue.

Dry the phone with some dry towel or cloth:

After that, the outside of the phone, as well as the other visible parts, must be cleaned with some dry towel or the cloth.

Do not blow the phone:

The wet phone is never recommended to dry using a blow dryer or even through the lips or the straw as this thing can damage the phone even more.

Wait for 24 to 48 hours:

After drying the phone using the above steps, the users must wait for 24 to 48 hours for starting their phone as it needs some time to get fixed.

Check the phone:

After switching on the phone, check the phone whether all of its functions are working properly or not.

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Microsoft Is Great at Surprise Parties

Even Varys’s little birds didn’t get a whiff of this one. At a media event in NYC , Microsoft (-1.77%) shocked the crowd by unveiling a foldable, Android-powered Surface Duo smartphone.

What the Surface Duo actually is: A two-display device with side-by-side 5.6-inch screens that’s small enough to fit in your pocket when folded. It can run two different apps simultaneously and the displays can rotate 360 degrees.

  • That’s a different design than Samsung’s foldable phone, the $2,000 Galaxy Fold, which features an individual foldable screen. Making those screens has proven a huge headache and led to delays. 

It’s a big moment for Microsoft. The company is returning to smartphones after its Windows Phone platform was axed in 2017 on account of no one buying it. This time, Microsoft tapped Google’s Android, the world’s most popular operating system, to handle the mobile software.

FYI: No pricing details yet, but the Duo will be available in time for the 2020 holidays.

VW’s Glowing Up

Volkswagen got its braces off over the summer, rolling out a whole new look for back to school season. 

VW will reveal two new vehicles at the Frankfurt International Motor Show tomorrow. 

  1. The ID.3 is an affordable, all-electric model VW hopes will become a “true electric people’s car,” said an IHS Markit industry expert. 
  2. Porsche’s Taycan sedan is the VW-owned brand’s first all-electric sports car. It’s a direct shot at the Tesla Model S.  

Zoom out: VW, the world’s largest carmaker, is trying to show the young electric vehicle bucks like Rivian, Dyson, and (of course) Tesla it can gracefully transition into the next great auto age of emission-free cars. 

But the kicker is a new logo. VW has been testing the badge on prototype cars already, but the official unveiling will happen in Frankfurt. Autoweek writes the new two-dimensional logo is both retro and geared for the digital age. You tell us.

Radioactivity after rocket explosion

Russian giant drone “Petrel”, also called “Skyfall” in NATO, is considered a new threat to the West. However, now it came to a devastating explosion.
They belong to the most modern weapons of Russia. President Vladimir Putin introduced them in March last year as a technology for armored vehicles that no other country in the world should possess: cruise missiles carrying not only a nuclear warhead, but also using nuclear power plants to every point on the Earth. Go undetected in low flight and attack targets there.

But now, during the test, the superdron apparently had a devastating explosion. In this context, experts are talking about the 9M730 Petrel rocket, also called SSC-X-9 Skyfall in NATO, and their development now seems to have suffered a serious blow. Only very slowly the details of the incident leaked last Thursday. At first they talked about two dead. Meanwhile, local media report at least seven casualties and multiple casualties.
The head of the Russian nuclear agency on August 12 confirmed that five scientists who were killed last week were developing a “new weapon” and continue to experience an explosion.
In addition, radioactivity was released at a test site in northern Russia on the White Sea. After official information was subsequently withdrawn, in the nearby city of Severodvinsk, natural radioactivity increased 20 times in half an hour. The Russian atomic authority Rosatom confirmed the incident, but did not give any details.
The United States is learning from a failed missile blast in Russia.
Superdrones belong to the arsenal of new Russian weapons, which allows Western military experts or arms managers to talk about a “new threat situation.” In fact, the new Russian nuclear cruise missile causes a lot of talk among experts. As far as is known, the alleged giant drones with a length of ten meters and five to six tons can be brought from large transport canisters, first with a solid propellant rocket engine in the air, where the nuclear engine is then launched.
The Russians, according to industry representatives, could use their ten-year experience working with small nuclear reactors (Topaz II) on satellites to power their cruise missile propulsion. The power of nuclear reactors can now be increased 40 times to more than five megawatts, weigh up to 3.5 tons and have a length of 1.5 meters. The principle of operation is based on the high thermal power of a nuclear reactor to drive a turbojet engine.
Industry experts estimate the range of a super-cruise missile at more than 20,000 kilometers. Thus, a Russian drone with a nuclear engine can reach almost any point on earth. Flying at a low level will make it very difficult or belated to detect. Presumably, more than a dozen test flights have been completed, although it is unclear whether the nuclear engine has already been fully used.

Festive Foods to Try at Europe’s Christmas Markets

These are the best Christmas foods to try on your next trip to Europe.

Festive Foods

Polish cheese on a market stand © FCerez/iStock

Oscypek: Krakow, Poland

Though Krakow’s traditional Polish architecture and magnificent Cloth Hall in the Market Square are romantic enough with their gabled townhouses and Gothic spires, for many foodies it’s the local sheep’s milk cheese oscypek that really steals the show come Christmastime. A smoked cheese made high in the Tatra Mountains, it is pressed into wooden, spindle-shaped forms and made into wonderful shapes that are piled high across the Krakow Christmas market. This delicious, salty cheese is often mixed with cranberries at this time of year for a festive, fruity twist.

Lebkuchen: Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg’s Christkindlmarkt is always a crowd pleaser. A much more intimate affair than you’re likely to find at competing Christmas markets across Europe, there are usually under 100 stalls here, which sit in the shadow of the grand Hohensalzburg fortress. One of the oldest festive foods in Europe, you can’t visit Salzburg at Christmas without trying the local lebkuchen. Often called gingerbread in English, it’s actually a younger relative to the namoura honey cake that can be traced back the ancient Egyptians. Usually sold either iced or scattered with sugar and almonds, watch out for some of the messages written on them – they can be lewd!

Festive Foods

Prager Stockbrot © Gundula Grüterich/iStock

Trdelnik: Prague, Czech Republic

You can’t miss the market in Prague’s Old Town Square, mainly because there’s a giant Christmas tree towering over it. Among all the marionettes, homemade jewelry and wooden toys, there is even a petting zoo – just remember to visit the food stalls before petting the animals, if you want to keep hold of your Christmas treats. A sweet, flaky cylindrically-shaped pastry topped with sugar and walnut mix, trdelnik is one of the most popular festive foods in Prague, and is best enjoyed alongside a glass of the svařák, the local mulled wine.

Bauernkrapf: Innsbruck, Austria

The best way to fuel your wanders around the Altstadt Christmas market stalls – full of hand-blown glass, ringed by carol-tooting rooftop trumpeters, and surrounded by snow-covered peaks – is by munching on some of the local bauernkrapf (or kiachlin), perhaps best translated as an ‘Advent doughnut’. This festive treat, similar to the Bohemian pancake or scone, sports a large depression in the center, which is filled with sauerkraut in the savory variety or fruit jam in the sweet.

Festive Foods

Strasburgo, Natale Capitale © jeangill/iStock

Flammekueche: Strasbourg, France

Widely regarded as the “Capital of Christmas”, Strasbourg hosts the oldest Christmas market in Europe, with the first Christkindelsmärik  set up here in 1570. With such a long history, there’s been plenty of time for the Alsatians to perfect the art of the flammekueche, or ‘flamed cake’, one of the most popular festive foods in the area. The best pick-me-up for those who’ve overexerted themselves on the ice rink or spent a few late nights listening to the area’s legendary live music, the almost translucent thin base of these treats is smothered with fromage blanc or crème fraiche, thinly sliced onions and lardons to make an indulgent Christmastime snack.

Christmas Cookies: Zurich, Switzerland

Not satisfied with just one Christmas market, several spring up in Zurich each year. But perhaps the best festive extravaganza takes place in the grand hall of the main railway station. With over 160 wooden chalets and a towering Christmas tree dripping with Swarovski crystals, as well as a dizzying array of raclette stands, this market also serves some of the finest festive foods you’re likely to find anywhere in Europe. From brunsli (a seasonal brownie) to chrabeli (an anise cookie) and zimtsterne (a cinnamon cookie), nobody can deny it has all the cookie bases covered.

Festive Foods

Dresden Christmas Market © LianeM/iStock

Christstollen, Dresden, Germany

Few things signal the coming of Christmas more than a giant three-ton fruitcake. Wheeled through the city of Dresden in early December and accompanied by a “Fruitcake Maiden”, the three-ton loaf winds its way over to the Striezelmarkt, where it’s chopped up for market-goers. If you miss it, do not fear – more conventionally proportioned stollen (made from a rich yeast dough and mixed with candied fruits and almonds) is sold throughout the Christmas period. Look out for the ones with the marzipan rope in the middle – they’re divine.

Everyone’s Stuffing Tesla in a Locker

A year before it bought Beats, Apple made a serious effort to acquire Tesla (-0.14%) in 2013 for $240/share, about 15% higher than where shares trade today, per a CNBC report. It’s a shame…we love the idea of Brakes by Dre.

About this report: It comes from Roth Capital Partners analyst Craig Irwin, who told CNBC he has “complete confidence” the deal came close to happening. And the SF Chronicle reported in 2014 that Elon Musk met with Apple’s M&A head and (probably) CEO Tim Cook.

It’s been a tough week for Tesla

Shares are down 11.72% in the last five days and 38.38% year-to-date. Even worse, Elon didn’t do anything crazy on Twitter.

Is Tesla circling the drain? Not quite, but based on the take-cover attitudes of some analysts, you might think differently. Morgan Stanley slashed its worst-case-scenario outlook for Tesla stock to just $10 (it closed at $205.08 yesterday). And Wedbush’s vocal Tesla bull-turned-bear Dan Ives told the LA Times, “There are dark clouds forming over Fremont.”

National Enquirer Acquisition…EXPOSED AT LAST!

Newsstand and magazine distribution exec James Cohen will pay $100 million for the struggling National Enquirer and two of its sister publications. Cohen’s family built a fortune creating Hudson News, the airport terminal shop of choice for anyone looking to pay $9 for Chex Mix.

This deal could use a little unpacking.

First, the scandals

Because what would a supermarket tabloid be without its own, homegrown gossip.

  • Last year, National Enquirer owner American Media Inc. (AMI) admitted to making a $150,000 payment “in concert with” President Trump’s 2016 campaign. The tabloid buried a story about Trump’s alleged affair with a former Playboy model—a so-called “catch and kill”—to help him get elected.
  • More recently, Amazon CEO/world’s richest man Jeff Bezos accused Enquirer publisher/longtime Trump confidant David Pecker and his team at AMI of trying to blackmail him. AMI says it acted lawfully in reporting on Bezos’s love life.

AMI’s backers had supposedly become frustrated with the Enquirer’s questionable reporting tactics, which Pecker oversees, prompting AMI to sell the Enquirer.

Next, the stats

There’s a reason you really only see the National Enquirer when visiting Grandma—sales have been trailing off for years. It had average weekly sales of 218,000 in the last six months of 2018, down 41% from 2015.

What’s next for Cohen: Paul Pope, whose father Generoso bought the tabloid and turned it around in 1952, had this to say: “I don’t think there is any way, even if they gave the paper away, I don’t think it can be resurrected…There is just nothing left.”

What’s next for AMI: Selling the Enquirer cuts AMI’s debt from more than $400 million to $355 million. And going forward, it’ll likely focus on lifestyle and fitness brands instead of gossip rags.

I Hardly Even Know What’s in It


You’re not the only one who’s worked hard on a project only to have it ignored. The White House will release its 2020 budget proposal today, and Congress (which controls federal spending) will take one look, shrug, and get back to its Fantasy Baseball mock drafts.

So why should we pay attention? Because D.C. is all about compromise, and knowing where each negotiating party stands at the outset is critical to understanding the nature of the debate.

What we expect to find in the budget:

  • Increased defense spending: $750 billion total (up from $716 billion last year), per Axios. Plus, $8.6 billion for a border wall. 
  • Cuts in domestic programs: The WaPo reports the budget will seek to impose stricter work requirements for Americans across welfare programs.
  • No balance for at least a decade, per CNBC, even while the White House is expected to forecast ambitious 3% annual economic growth.

Essential & Authentic Things To Do In Milan, Italy

Welcome to Milan, one of Italy’s leading cities in fashion, cuisine, culture and design. Often skipped over in lieu of more touristy spots like Rome or Florence, Milan is definitely worth a visit. Here are some of the activities you just can’t miss in this Northern Italian gem.

Enjoying a relaxing evening along the Naviglio Grande canal in Milan, Italy.
Enjoying a relaxing evening along the Naviglio Grande canal in Milan, Italy.

Explore the Canals of Navigli

Venice isn’t the only Italian city where you can admire the sun set over canals. Milan’s Navigli district has five of the small waterways: Naviglio Grande, Naviglio Pavese, Naviglio Martesana, Naviglio di Paderno, Naviglio di Bereguardo. The canals are lined with shops, restaurants and bars and even the occasional street fair. You can boat down the canal, walk across via charming footbridges, bike alongside the water or check out the street art along the canal walls.

10 Best Things To Do in Milan, Italy - Visit the Duomo Cathedral |

Visit the Cathedral

It may be touristy and crowded, but you can’t leave Milan without seeing its famed cathedral, simply known as il duomo — the fourth largest in the world. The majestic building towers over one of Milan’s most central squares, crowded with tourists, locals and even pigeons, but its stature is so impressive you won’t really notice the chaos around you. That’s a solid reason you should hang on to your personal belongings though. You don’t want your infatuation with the facade, which seems to be dripping in opulent Gothic styling, to distract you from potential pickpockets or overzealous street vendors.

Best Pizza Restaurants in Milan Italy |

Chow on Some Pizza 

Milan has an up-and-coming, expansive dining scene — and some of the best pizza in the country (with both Neapolitan thin-crust and Roman square cut-styles). Piz is popular for its no-frills, colorful atmosphere and delicious, wood-fired margarita pizzas, which ooze melted mozzarella bufala. For a trendier take on the panned dish, reserve at Dry Milan, which pairs chic, creative cocktails with fancy pizzas topped with things like lemon zest, smoked pork cheek and salted shallot among a low-lit, trendy atmosphere.

Best Shopping in Milan Italy |

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Known as one of the world’s trendiest fashion capitals, shopping in Milan is practically a sport. You can peruse every fancy designer from A to Z around the high-end shopping district of Montenapolene, visit vintage shops along Porta Ticinese or hit one-of-a-kind boutiques on Tortona. When someone back home asks where you got that cool leather wallet or original bracelet, nothing sounds cooler than responding, “Oh, just in Milan

People Watch

Milan is one of the most fashionable cities in the world, making people watching one of the most interesting things to do in this trendy city. See men in designer suits riding bikes, dogs dressed in fancy outfits, impeccably-dressed elderly couples and models wandering about everywhere. Find a tree-lined street near the Sempione park, relax on a bench with gelato and watch the world go by.

Best Things to Do in Milan - Eat Gelato Ice Cream |
Need we say more?

Induge in Gelato

Did somebody say gelato? Toss your diet out the window in and stop at one of the many gelato shops around town. While it’s near-impossible to get bad gelato pretty much anywhere in Italy, you’ll get more bang for your buck if you steer clear of touristy areas, like right around the Duomo. Gelateria Oasi has a massive selection of flavors, and Frozen also offers fruit shakes and chocolate bon bons too. You may have to wait in line at Gelateria della Musica, but the unique combination of flavors you can sample there is worth it. 

See The Last Supper

Admire one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s most renowned works The Last Supper at the Santa Maria delle Grazie church. Plan to purchase tickets well in advance if you want to view the painting — guided tours are also available. We recommend planning to see the masterpiece sooner rather than later, which is a rather fragile state due to years of wear and tear and a couple botched renovation attempts.

Best Things To Do and See in Milan - Drink an Aperol Spritz |
Enjoying an Aperol Spritz is a classic cultural requisite these days.

Sip on Spritz & Vino

There’s nothing like leisurely sipping an afternoon Aperol Spritz overlooking the canal. An Aperol Spritz is made from prosecco, soda water and a bitter, orange flavored alcohol called Aperol. If the refreshing drink doesn’t tickle your fancy, sample a wine local to the Lombardy region, like a refreshing Franciacorta. Winetraveler’s favorite spots to sip are at Rita & Cocktails, one of Milan’s coolest bars or Mag Cafe, a quirky, hipster hangout.

Turin Bull Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, Italy
Spinning around on the balls of the Bull Mosaic is said to bring you luck.

Spin on the Bull’s Balls at the Galleria

This one might seem rogue, but spinning on the marble floor image of the Turin bull’s nether regions at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II will apparently bring you luck. Walk through the gallery, and you’re sure to see a group of people gathered in a circle, snapping photos and photos of their supposed luck-inducing spins. Give it a whirl!

Lake Garda near Milan, Italy | Winetraveler
Lake Garda is just a short drive from Milan.

Go Beyond the City Limits

While there’s plenty to do and see in the city of Milan, heading out to see the nearby lakes, villages and mountains of the picturesque Lombardy region will give you a true sense of Italy. Bergamo, just a short bus or train ride away, is a Medieval town bathed in fog, perched atop a hill. There’s also the romantic spot of Verona, home of the sordid love tale Romeo & Juliet. You’ve likely heard of Lake Como, which makes for a sophisticated getaway, or there’s also the less pretentious lake scenes of Garda, Iseo and Maggiore. When in doubt on where to head, Prosecco Road is just a short drive away!