VW’s Glowing Up

Volkswagen got its braces off over the summer, rolling out a whole new look for back to school season. 

VW will reveal two new vehicles at the Frankfurt International Motor Show tomorrow. 

  1. The ID.3 is an affordable, all-electric model VW hopes will become a “true electric people’s car,” said an IHS Markit industry expert. 
  2. Porsche’s Taycan sedan is the VW-owned brand’s first all-electric sports car. It’s a direct shot at the Tesla Model S.  

Zoom out: VW, the world’s largest carmaker, is trying to show the young electric vehicle bucks like Rivian, Dyson, and (of course) Tesla it can gracefully transition into the next great auto age of emission-free cars. 

But the kicker is a new logo. VW has been testing the badge on prototype cars already, but the official unveiling will happen in Frankfurt. Autoweek writes the new two-dimensional logo is both retro and geared for the digital age. You tell us.

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