I Hardly Even Know What’s in It


You’re not the only one who’s worked hard on a project only to have it ignored. The White House will release its 2020 budget proposal today, and Congress (which controls federal spending) will take one look, shrug, and get back to its Fantasy Baseball mock drafts.

So why should we pay attention? Because D.C. is all about compromise, and knowing where each negotiating party stands at the outset is critical to understanding the nature of the debate.

What we expect to find in the budget:

  • Increased defense spending: $750 billion total (up from $716 billion last year), per Axios. Plus, $8.6 billion for a border wall. 
  • Cuts in domestic programs: The WaPo reports the budget will seek to impose stricter work requirements for Americans across welfare programs.
  • No balance for at least a decade, per CNBC, even while the White House is expected to forecast ambitious 3% annual economic growth.

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