Everyone’s Stuffing Tesla in a Locker

A year before it bought Beats, Apple made a serious effort to acquire Tesla (-0.14%) in 2013 for $240/share, about 15% higher than where shares trade today, per a CNBC report. It’s a shame…we love the idea of Brakes by Dre.

About this report: It comes from Roth Capital Partners analyst Craig Irwin, who told CNBC he has “complete confidence” the deal came close to happening. And the SF Chronicle reported in 2014 that Elon Musk met with Apple’s M&A head and (probably) CEO Tim Cook.

It’s been a tough week for Tesla

Shares are down 11.72% in the last five days and 38.38% year-to-date. Even worse, Elon didn’t do anything crazy on Twitter.

Is Tesla circling the drain? Not quite, but based on the take-cover attitudes of some analysts, you might think differently. Morgan Stanley slashed its worst-case-scenario outlook for Tesla stock to just $10 (it closed at $205.08 yesterday). And Wedbush’s vocal Tesla bull-turned-bear Dan Ives told the LA Times, “There are dark clouds forming over Fremont.”

National Enquirer Acquisition…EXPOSED AT LAST!

Newsstand and magazine distribution exec James Cohen will pay $100 million for the struggling National Enquirer and two of its sister publications. Cohen’s family built a fortune creating Hudson News, the airport terminal shop of choice for anyone looking to pay $9 for Chex Mix.

This deal could use a little unpacking.

First, the scandals

Because what would a supermarket tabloid be without its own, homegrown gossip.

  • Last year, National Enquirer owner American Media Inc. (AMI) admitted to making a $150,000 payment “in concert with” President Trump’s 2016 campaign. The tabloid buried a story about Trump’s alleged affair with a former Playboy model—a so-called “catch and kill”—to help him get elected.
  • More recently, Amazon CEO/world’s richest man Jeff Bezos accused Enquirer publisher/longtime Trump confidant David Pecker and his team at AMI of trying to blackmail him. AMI says it acted lawfully in reporting on Bezos’s love life.

AMI’s backers had supposedly become frustrated with the Enquirer’s questionable reporting tactics, which Pecker oversees, prompting AMI to sell the Enquirer.

Next, the stats

There’s a reason you really only see the National Enquirer when visiting Grandma—sales have been trailing off for years. It had average weekly sales of 218,000 in the last six months of 2018, down 41% from 2015.

What’s next for Cohen: Paul Pope, whose father Generoso bought the tabloid and turned it around in 1952, had this to say: “I don’t think there is any way, even if they gave the paper away, I don’t think it can be resurrected…There is just nothing left.”

What’s next for AMI: Selling the Enquirer cuts AMI’s debt from more than $400 million to $355 million. And going forward, it’ll likely focus on lifestyle and fitness brands instead of gossip rags.

I Hardly Even Know What’s in It


You’re not the only one who’s worked hard on a project only to have it ignored. The White House will release its 2020 budget proposal today, and Congress (which controls federal spending) will take one look, shrug, and get back to its Fantasy Baseball mock drafts.

So why should we pay attention? Because D.C. is all about compromise, and knowing where each negotiating party stands at the outset is critical to understanding the nature of the debate.

What we expect to find in the budget:

  • Increased defense spending: $750 billion total (up from $716 billion last year), per Axios. Plus, $8.6 billion for a border wall. 
  • Cuts in domestic programs: The WaPo reports the budget will seek to impose stricter work requirements for Americans across welfare programs.
  • No balance for at least a decade, per CNBC, even while the White House is expected to forecast ambitious 3% annual economic growth.

Essential & Authentic Things To Do In Milan, Italy

Welcome to Milan, one of Italy’s leading cities in fashion, cuisine, culture and design. Often skipped over in lieu of more touristy spots like Rome or Florence, Milan is definitely worth a visit. Here are some of the activities you just can’t miss in this Northern Italian gem.

Enjoying a relaxing evening along the Naviglio Grande canal in Milan, Italy.
Enjoying a relaxing evening along the Naviglio Grande canal in Milan, Italy.

Explore the Canals of Navigli

Venice isn’t the only Italian city where you can admire the sun set over canals. Milan’s Navigli district has five of the small waterways: Naviglio Grande, Naviglio Pavese, Naviglio Martesana, Naviglio di Paderno, Naviglio di Bereguardo. The canals are lined with shops, restaurants and bars and even the occasional street fair. You can boat down the canal, walk across via charming footbridges, bike alongside the water or check out the street art along the canal walls.

10 Best Things To Do in Milan, Italy - Visit the Duomo Cathedral | Winetraveler.com

Visit the Cathedral

It may be touristy and crowded, but you can’t leave Milan without seeing its famed cathedral, simply known as il duomo — the fourth largest in the world. The majestic building towers over one of Milan’s most central squares, crowded with tourists, locals and even pigeons, but its stature is so impressive you won’t really notice the chaos around you. That’s a solid reason you should hang on to your personal belongings though. You don’t want your infatuation with the facade, which seems to be dripping in opulent Gothic styling, to distract you from potential pickpockets or overzealous street vendors.

Best Pizza Restaurants in Milan Italy | Winetraveler.com

Chow on Some Pizza 

Milan has an up-and-coming, expansive dining scene — and some of the best pizza in the country (with both Neapolitan thin-crust and Roman square cut-styles). Piz is popular for its no-frills, colorful atmosphere and delicious, wood-fired margarita pizzas, which ooze melted mozzarella bufala. For a trendier take on the panned dish, reserve at Dry Milan, which pairs chic, creative cocktails with fancy pizzas topped with things like lemon zest, smoked pork cheek and salted shallot among a low-lit, trendy atmosphere.

Best Shopping in Milan Italy | Winetraveler.com

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Known as one of the world’s trendiest fashion capitals, shopping in Milan is practically a sport. You can peruse every fancy designer from A to Z around the high-end shopping district of Montenapolene, visit vintage shops along Porta Ticinese or hit one-of-a-kind boutiques on Tortona. When someone back home asks where you got that cool leather wallet or original bracelet, nothing sounds cooler than responding, “Oh, just in Milan

People Watch

Milan is one of the most fashionable cities in the world, making people watching one of the most interesting things to do in this trendy city. See men in designer suits riding bikes, dogs dressed in fancy outfits, impeccably-dressed elderly couples and models wandering about everywhere. Find a tree-lined street near the Sempione park, relax on a bench with gelato and watch the world go by.

Best Things to Do in Milan - Eat Gelato Ice Cream | Winetraveler.com
Need we say more?

Induge in Gelato

Did somebody say gelato? Toss your diet out the window in and stop at one of the many gelato shops around town. While it’s near-impossible to get bad gelato pretty much anywhere in Italy, you’ll get more bang for your buck if you steer clear of touristy areas, like right around the Duomo. Gelateria Oasi has a massive selection of flavors, and Frozen also offers fruit shakes and chocolate bon bons too. You may have to wait in line at Gelateria della Musica, but the unique combination of flavors you can sample there is worth it. 

See The Last Supper

Admire one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s most renowned works The Last Supper at the Santa Maria delle Grazie church. Plan to purchase tickets well in advance if you want to view the painting — guided tours are also available. We recommend planning to see the masterpiece sooner rather than later, which is a rather fragile state due to years of wear and tear and a couple botched renovation attempts.

Best Things To Do and See in Milan - Drink an Aperol Spritz | Winetraveler.com
Enjoying an Aperol Spritz is a classic cultural requisite these days.

Sip on Spritz & Vino

There’s nothing like leisurely sipping an afternoon Aperol Spritz overlooking the canal. An Aperol Spritz is made from prosecco, soda water and a bitter, orange flavored alcohol called Aperol. If the refreshing drink doesn’t tickle your fancy, sample a wine local to the Lombardy region, like a refreshing Franciacorta. Winetraveler’s favorite spots to sip are at Rita & Cocktails, one of Milan’s coolest bars or Mag Cafe, a quirky, hipster hangout.

Turin Bull Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, Italy
Spinning around on the balls of the Bull Mosaic is said to bring you luck.

Spin on the Bull’s Balls at the Galleria

This one might seem rogue, but spinning on the marble floor image of the Turin bull’s nether regions at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II will apparently bring you luck. Walk through the gallery, and you’re sure to see a group of people gathered in a circle, snapping photos and photos of their supposed luck-inducing spins. Give it a whirl!

Lake Garda near Milan, Italy | Winetraveler
Lake Garda is just a short drive from Milan.

Go Beyond the City Limits

While there’s plenty to do and see in the city of Milan, heading out to see the nearby lakes, villages and mountains of the picturesque Lombardy region will give you a true sense of Italy. Bergamo, just a short bus or train ride away, is a Medieval town bathed in fog, perched atop a hill. There’s also the romantic spot of Verona, home of the sordid love tale Romeo & Juliet. You’ve likely heard of Lake Como, which makes for a sophisticated getaway, or there’s also the less pretentious lake scenes of Garda, Iseo and Maggiore. When in doubt on where to head, Prosecco Road is just a short drive away!

Amsterdam Light Festival

The Amsterdam Light Festival is set to return on 29 November 2018, running until 20 January 2019, (literally) putting Amsterdam’s beautiful city centre and its canals in the limelight. Seach stay here

Amsterdam’s festival of light

Amsterdam Light Festival is a highlight of the holiday season and 2018/2019 marks its seventh edition. As in previous years, a whole host of Dutch and international artists will contribute to the festival, creating spectacular light sculptures around Amsterdam’s historic Canal Ring, the River Amstel and other special locations. The installations can be viewed from a boat, on foot or by bike. You can wander around and explore the works at your leisure, or follow one of the dedicated routes which enhance the experience.

Tours & events during the Amsterdam Light Festival

The renowned Water Colors canal cruises can be enjoyed for the entirety of the Amsterdam Light Festival, ensuring you can see the city at its best – from the water – and get up close to all of the major artworks. Also keep an eye out for guided tours and an extensive side-programme of activities and events taking place at museums, theatres, restaurants, shops and other locations in Amsterdam.

As the festival nears, more information will be made available. Head to theAmsterdam Light Festival website for more information and exclusive updates about the participating artist

To Lisbon- how to arrive and where to stay

The fado city is one of the most beautiful capitals you can discover in Europe and a place to plan a marvellous short getaway. If you want to enjoy the best part of it, start in the Belem Tower, a place to enjoy all the beautiful landscapes and where you will find The Geronimo’s, a huge temple that will leave you speechless. Also take a look to St. George’s Castle.

4 tips to find the musts in Lisbon

1. How to arrive to Lisbon: if you travel from Spain there are many ways to arrive by car but, if your trip starts far away, the best way to arrive to the Portuguese capital is by plane to its International Airport. Flights are not really expensive if you search them with enough time.

2. Travel between Portuguese capitals: if you have a van or even if you decide to rent a car there is a huge possibility to discover many Portuguese cities in your trip.

3. Apartments: the best option in Lisbon is the Bairro Alto, where you can share apartment and save some money if you like this type of lodging. You will enjoy having lunch or dinner here while having a walk in the fado bars of this Lisbon area.

4. Hotels

if you want to have lunch: Portugal is a very cheap country in terms of gastronomy and, although in Lisbon it is a little expensive than in other villages, you will be able to taste their flavours and savours without spending a lot.

The Best places to stay in Lisbon

If you are wondering where to stay in the city, there are some areas that are perfect for low budget travellers. Hotels in Campolide are perfect if you are looking for a calm area not in the city centre. The Parque das Naçoes area is perfect if you are having a business travel as the Fair is here but, also take into account Plaça de Espanya or Campo Pequemp- Finally, the Marqués de Pombal or Saldanha area are perfect to stay in the city centre.

Make paying the easiest part of your trip

Google Pay makes checkout easier and more secure whether you’re in the planning phase or returning home. Here are some ways you can pay quickly and easily before, during, and after your next out-of-office.
Purchase must-haves with a few quick clicks.When you’re in the pre-vacation packing frenzy, shopping for even the smallest purchases can trip you up. Now, you won’t have to drop everything to find your credit card. Choose Google Pay as your payment method within your favorite apps and sites, and all you’ll have to do is confirm your purchase.
Pay for dog walking, house sitting, and more—no cash required.With Google Pay, you don’t have to hit up the ATM to pay Fido’s dogwalker—or anyone with an email address or phone number. You can conveniently send money from the Google Pay app, on the web at pay.google.com, or even from Android Messages, iMessage, and Gmail if you live in the US.
Haven’t picked up the local currency? With Google Pay, you can pay in millions of places around the world using your Android phone. To pay, download the app and set up a card if you haven’t already. Then, simply unlock your phone and hold it near the terminal at checkout. When you see a check mark, you’re good to go.

3 Days in Greece

Resently I and my wife travel from Bulgaria on the car to Greece. Distance from the border of Bulgaria to Thessaloniki about 130 km.
High season begin on the mid-May. There are empty beach in small village Paralia Dionysiou near airport Macedonia

Super clear water in the sea

The water temperature in the sea was only 20 degrees, but after sun stay over 3 h. It`s a warm!

It`s view from our room (35 euro/day) on first line

all rooms of the hotel were decorated handmade picturies

U can find any best hotels here


Top 2018 Countries to Visit


2018 is being billed as the Canada-China Year of Tourism – it’s said that more than 1.8 million Canadians have some Chinese ancestry, and Mandarin and Cantonese are the most spoken languages in Canada after English and French, so it’s likely that there will be significant growth in the number of visits from Chinese tourists. But wherever in the world you happen to hail from, there are plenty of events to interest you.

The year will kick off with one of the world’s largest winter carnivals in beautiful Québec City including snow bath, ice canoe race, night parades, snow slides, snow sculptures, shows and skating. A unique Canadian winter experience for all ages!

The Canadian Tulip Festival in May is Canada’s most colourful festival with over a million tulips in bloom across the capital as well as an artistic interpretation of the tulips by all levels of the artistic community. Inspired by the Dutch gift of tulips to Canadians in 1945, this festival is a celebration of friendship and international friendship.

In July, the annual Calgary Stampede is a ten-day long celebration with midway rides and bucking broncos that hosts, educates and entertains visitors from around the world. Also in July, and running into August, the Celebration of Light, Vancouver’s two-week midsummer fireworks bonanza, attracts more than 1.6 million spectators when the sparkles hit the skies.

In Winnipeg, the largest and longest-running multi-cultural festival in the world, the Folklorama Festival presents over 44 cultural pavilions where guests can sample ethnic food, meet traditionally costumed volunteers, enjoy lively cultural entertainment, interactive fun and learn about cultures and countries from around the world.

Towards the end of the year, don’t miss the Canadian Western Agribition – the best beef show on the continent and the largest livestock show in Canada. The show is a blend of agriculture, Indigenous culture, and festive entertainment, featuring live music, shopping, and food.

Faroe Islands, as suggested by Alex Malcolm, Founder and MD at Jacada Travel

With tourist numbers in Iceland up 34.9% already in 2017, the trend to travel north is on the rise: on the whole, the entirety of the polar regions are becoming more and more popular. Not far from Iceland sits the self-governing archipelago of the Faroe Islands. There are many reasons to visit the Faroe Islands in 2018, but chief among them is that only 50,000 tourists visit a year (for now), so it is noticeably quieter than Iceland, while still being extremely welcoming to tourists.

Iceland’s lesser-known cousin has stunning green scenery, a notable lack of crime, easy access (it’s a quick flight from Copenhagen, Reykjavik or Edinburgh), extreme remoteness, and amazing nature. It’s home to the oldest parliament in the world, as well as the smallest capital city. Plus, in 2017, the island won its first Michelin Star (the restaurant KOKS, based in Torshavn). Tourists can expect epic landscapes, fantastic birding, and beautiful little villages.

From Torshavn, nothing is more than a couple of hours’ drive away, so you can easily explore everything in the area in a few days. You can spend one day meandering through Torshavn absorbing the well-preserved local culture and the next you can be hiking atop a beautiful mountain. (We love Slættaratindur, the islands’ highest mountain at 882 meters. If you’re lucky enough, from the top you can see the whole country and you may even be able to see parts of Iceland at over 550m away – the longest view on record!) The islands also have the highest promontory in the world. It’s really a place of superlatives.

2018 is a great year to visit the Faroe Islands because it’s still a relatively undiscovered region. Our favourite hotel there, Hotel Foroyar, will have a new annex opening in 2018, allowing for even more visitors to pass through its enchanting doors. Iceland saw a meteoric rise in popularity a few years ago, and we have no doubt the Faroe Islands will follow, so it’s definitely worth a trip there now. At Jacada Travel, within a month of officially launching it, we sold our first trip there. So many people are looking to go off the beaten path a bit next year, and the islands offer the perfect opportunity to do so.

France, as suggested by Sally Guillaume, Owner and Director of Undiscovered Mountains

For Brits, visiting Europe before Brexit is a bucket list must and the historical Franco-Britannic love affair pushes France to the top of that list. But that’s not the only reason why France should be on your ‘to visit’ list for 2018! With a variety of landscapes second to none, the longest coastline in Europe, two of the highest mountain ranges on the continent, thriving cosmopolitan cities, tranquil rural villages and one of the most acclaimed gastronomies in the world, France offers countless holiday opportunities, and something for everyone.

With the newly elected Emmanual Macron promising to reform France and positioning himself as a key European figure, France will also be a happening place to visit in 2018. Tourism is one of France’s key industries and the new government is investing in digital advances for tourism and focusing on quality of welcome and of course security so tourists can be reassured this coming year.

Paris itself “is always a good idea”, Audrey Hepburn once said. Traditionally known as the most romantic destination in the world, it draws excitement and curiosity on all continents. Other sites such as the Mont St Michel, the Renaissance Châteaux along the Loire River or the Lourdes basilica attract millions of tourists every year. History, culture and the many beautifully maintained monuments are a big pull factor for France. Then there are the countless culinary specialities and two of the most renowned wine regions in the world, Bordeaux and Burgundy.

Outdoor lovers adore the French Alps with Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc and the many world famous ski resorts. The range and diversity of outdoor activities for sport enthusiasts in both summer and winter make the Alps one of the top outdoor playgrounds in the world. Surfers and beach lovers flock to the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts every year in search of summer sun, which brings me to the French weather.

France’s climate, one that allows four well-marked seasons and the much sought after heat but not at the baking levels of southern Spain or Italy, is a big plus. This perfect weather is a good enough reason for millions of Germans, Brits, Dutch and other Northerners to come and soak up the sun they rarely see back home. No coincidence that the Germans still use the expression “wie Gott in Frankreich leben” (to live like God in France) to describe the ultimate state of happiness…

The Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region (aka “PACA”) is one of the areas that best sums up all the potential of attraction of the country as a whole. Located in the south-eastern corner of France, it ticks all boxes when it comes to landscape variety and perfect climate. As its name indicates, it includes the southern part of the awe-inspiring Alps, the beautiful Provence and its iconic lavender fields, and the glamorous Riviera and its famous chic seaside towns like Cannes or Saint Tropez. Benefiting a mild Mediterranean climate, it officially boasts an average of 300+ days of sunshine a year.

If you’re looking for a perfect compromise between great weather, a strong French culture, spectacular landscapes and delicious cuisine, the true hidden gem of PACA is probably its least touristic corner, the Hautes-Alpes department. Offering both a Provence feel in its southern parts and a real alpine experience in the Ecrins National Park, the Hautes-Alpes is a small paradise where you’ll find an authentic way-of-life, a preserved countryside, one of the purest airs in the country, and a countless number of activities, from bathing in the largest dammed lake in Europe (Serre-Ponçon) to climbing the 4102 meters of the Barre des Ecrins to skiing in one of the many resorts.

Greenland, as suggested by Jonny Nicol, Founder & CEO of Stratajet

An old travellers’ saying goes, ‘When you’ve seen the world, there’s always Greenland,’ and it’s true that the island remains one of the few largely unexplored territories on Planet Earth.

2018 marks the ten year anniversary of a referendum that gave Greenland autonomy over many of its national services in a step towards independence and this adds to the country’s rich history, of which its Inuit people are fiercely proud. 1,000 year-old remains of Viking settlements are well preserved in the south of the island, while a culture of music and theatre is rooted in ancient myths and sagas.

Few places boast such dramatic scenery and such raw natural beauty. Coupled with its remoteness (the majority of the island sitting deep within the Arctic Circle) and its vast expanses of open wilderness (Greenland is the least densely populated country in the world), Greenland is the perfect destination for escaping the stresses and strains of our increasingly hectic lifestyles.

But don’t be fooled by the remoteness because you’d find it hard to get bored in this most magnificent of places. Whether listening to the daunting rumble of some of the world’s most impressive glaciers or taking a boat trip through giant icebergs, some of which loom over 100m out of the water, you can’t help but be enraptured by all that is around you. The clarity and freshness of the air, too, leave you feeling invigorated beyond any sensation that polluted city life can provide.

Amongst its scattered settlements is Ilulissat, a remote coastal town in the Qaasuitsup municipality of western Greenland. Although it’s the country’s third largest city, its population of less than 5,000 makes it a peaceful haven, ideal for removing the stresses and strains of London business life. Houses in all colours of the spectrum are strewn amongst cafes, restaurants and live music venues, perfect for enjoying the local tipples, sampling the local cuisine and generally filling the evening hours in between excursions!

The nearby Ilulissat Icefjord is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the summer, operators run midnight boat tours and you can watch nature unfold in front of you as monstrous giant white icebergs come off the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier. This is the most productive glacier in the northern hemisphere, moving at 25m per day, which results in around 20 billion tonnes of icebergs being calved off and passing out of the fjord every year. But despite the awesome power of this astonishing feature, you can’t help but be captured by the serenity of the place.

Visiting in mid-summer will give you endless sunlight and until you have sipped G&T watching a sunset that immediately turns into a sunrise, frankly, you haven’t lived! As life becomes more and more hectic, Greenland is a must for removing that chaos in 2018.

India, as suggested by James Jayasundera, Founder & Managing Director at Ampersand Travel

In one word, India is ‘diversity’. Glamorous and beguiling, splendid and romantic, energetic and colourful, the entire country is awash with experiences for both the daring and the cautious traveller. From the soaring snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas to the sleepy rhythmic backwaters of Kerala, it can almost be described as a collection of countries due to its vast size and dazzling array of languages, cuisines and religions. With new hotels, new experiences and new flight routes, luxury travel in India is getting better year on year, but I think 2018 will be the best yet.

The astounding ruins of the Vijayanagara Empire at Hampi, once notoriously difficult to get to, now have direct flights from Hyderabad and Bangalore thanks to the Indian Government who have embarked on a Regional Connectivity Scheme, aimed to make air travel widespread, connecting remote and far flung places with major cities. I am very excited about this development, it will be a complete game-changer for the region; fascinating cultural itineraries can now easily incorporate this utterly mesmerising archaeological site. Evolve Back’s newest addition, Kamalapura Palace, was the first luxury hotel in the area (opened in 2016) and a must stay. The Ultimate Travelling Camp have also just opened Kishkinda Camp in the area, which adds to their iconic and exclusive camp portfolio.

Rajasthan, the Land of Kings, has had a thrilling revamp in 2017 with the openings of the exclusive Alila Fort Bishangarh, an impressive warrior fort turned heritage hotel, and the boutique and incredibly charming Narendra Bhawan in offbeat Bikaner. Six Senses also are due to launch their first ever Indian resort, with the opening of Six Senses Fort Barwara; a 700-year-old fort in the village of Chauth ka Barwara 110 kilometres southeast of Jaipur – it is certainly one to watch! The far flung and remote Andaman Islands will also be put on the map for those searching for the ultimate luxury in an untouched paradise, with a guaranteed burst of sunshine. The new home to the sexiest hotel in the area: Taj Hotels are opening Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Andamans this December. I am thrilled that Taj Andamans will be opening on Havelock Island in the best location on the island – Radhnaghar Beach is often cited as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. A trusted brand such as Taj opening, on what is really virgin territory, will be a game-changer and add a new dynamic to tailor-made itineraries in South India. One will be able to combine this pristine beach destination with the ancient culture and elaborately carved stone temple complexes of Tamil Nadu, or with the former French colony of Pondicherry with its own distinctive style of architecture.